Welcome to GCSM 2012

Dear Colleagues from Academia and Industry,

We are pleased to invite you to the 10th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing. Sustainability is a global challenge to be taken up in manifold of regional perspectives. It is one globe and we all are citizens of the global village. Manufacturing is a key issue in shaping global value creation. We have come together once a year and in 2012 for the 10th time. We will think about how to adapt our activities in science and business to cope with economical, ecological and social challenges of sustainability by technological innovation with special focus on manufacturing. İstanbul has been selected as the conference venue not only because of its natural, cultural, historical and modern features but also its unique nature of bridging between different cultures and religions, between technology and tradition and even between different climates as the living example of sustainable life for centuries. We are very happy to meet in Istanbul as a wonderful city of tradition and future for humanity to extend our discourse on sustainable manufacturing in our global community of science and entrepreneurship.

The conference, being the 10th of a series of conferences has reached its maturity and it is thought that it is the right time to start working on the implementation of sustainable manufacturing. Hence the theme of the conference is chosen to be "Towards Implementing Sustainable Manufacturing". We hope in Istanbul we will have the opportunity to discuss some good examples of implementing the ideas, models, systems and methodologies already developed for various aspects of sustainability focused particularly on manufacturing.

We will be honoured to host you in Istanbul to show you the traditional Turkish hospitality. We hope that this conference will be remembered with its high scientific and technical quality as well as its pleasant social atmosphere.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Seliger


Prof. Dr. S. Engin Kılıç


Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1026 „Sustainable Manufacturing“ funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)